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From our beginnings we fight to reconcile the environmental sustainability with the economic one.

Rías Baixas is a region characterized by high humidity and temperature, therefore, the fight against fungi that attack the vineyard, especially mildew, becomes very difficult.

These circumstances have determined that until now we have not been able to practice a 100% organic agriculture and at the same time economically viable.

- We do not use herbicides.
- We do not use insecticides.
- We do not use chemical fertilizers.
- We do not do work that destroys the surface of the ground.
- We monotorize the earthworm population of our soil.
- We are partners in Rías Baixas de Wineseq, a platform that contributes to maintaining the microbiological biodiversity of the vineyards.

But we have not yet been able to avoid pesticides to fight against mildew.

We live from our vineyards and we want our children to be able to continue doing so under conditions that are, at least, the same as those we find ourselves.


Noelia y Simón

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