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Albariño Wine



Our viticulture is based on the knowledge of the vine and its relations with its environment as a source of quality and we reject theories based on superstition.
We believe that we can improve processing and viticulture by selectively applying the latest technologies while maintaining a traditional non-interventionist approach.

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The knowledge of our terroir, with its peculiarities is fundamental for a good management of the vineyard.


We don´t use herbicides, insecticides or practice any mechanical task that destroys the soil.

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If you can't measure it you can't improve it. 

One of the maxims of our viticulture is that every vineyard intervention must have a justification. In order to make decisions, we jointly analyze a lot of cross-data. 

Soil data, meteorological data, field measurements are continuously analyzed in our own "Vineyard Data Center ", with software developed entirely by us.

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