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Noelia Bebelia is a micro-winery, focused on terroir, whose foundational philosophy is to create extraordinary wines as a result of a sustainable relationship between humans and nature. We are convinced that only in this way can we obtain wines that honestly reflect what our vineyard naturally expresses.


Rescuing the Flavor of Soutomaior: Simón and Noelia's Inspiring Journey to Revive Their Albariños

We were born in Soutomaior, the smallest subzone of the Rías Baixas Designation of Origin. In times past, when Galician wines were mainly appreciated locally, Soutomaior's Albariños held an unparalleled reputation.

In the 1980s, Albariño experienced a surge in popularity, and wineries emerged that brought it worldwide acclaim. However, due to its hilly topography and challenging growing conditions, Soutomaior lagged behind in the development of the Designation of Origin. When we decided to embark on our initiative, there was only one winery in Soutomaior.

One day, while taking a car ride, we began to flirt with the idea of creating our own wine and restoring Soutomaior to the prestige it should never have lost.

The devil is in the details

Without a winery, vineyard, or prior knowledge of viticulture, we embarked on this adventure, facing a complete blank challenge. When you start a new activity for the first time, every decision becomes a challenge. From choosing the plot to the planting scheme and winemaking techniques, each detail requires meticulous consideration, and we soon adopted the motto that "the devil is in the details."

When we finally chose the plot and started the planting, we realized that the journey would be considerably more arduous than we had anticipated.

The path becomes more complicated, and uncertainty grows.

During the initial years, expenses kept piling up, but as we progressed, we realized there was no turning back. All our savings were invested in 5 hectares of land. The uncertainty of the outcome frightened us. Would people like our wine? Would we find customers?

Like how anticipation turned into exportation.

In 2016, we produced our first vintage. The project had generated much more anticipation in the area than we had initially thought. In the first week after the release, we sold the entire production and received reservations for the next two years.

Today, in almost every country in the world where wine is consumed, you can find a bottle of Noelia Bebelia. Those customers who want to experience an Albariño with a less standardized profile can trust our small winery where "the devil is in the details."

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